Oproep voor nieuwe leden voor international research working group on psychotropic medication in people with intellectual disabilities

During the Kajak Conference ‘Psychiatrie en LVB: werken aan samenspel’ on May 17th, a meeting initiated by Angela Hassiotis took place on the establishment of a international working group to explore research collaborations and discussion around the use and optimisation of psychotropic medication in people with intellectual developmental disability.

This group is looking for other colleagues, both researchers and clinicians with research interests, in the Netherlands (and the rest of Europe) who would be interested in contributing to this working group

Some of the points discussed in this meeting:

  • There is research potential and clear practical implications.
  • The remit of the group will be broad – we will include neurodevelopmental conditions/autism and take a lifespan approach.
  • The attendees of this group are both researchers and clinicians with active research interests.
  • We are keen that this group includes early career researchers.
  • Most communication will be by e-mail.
  • Attendees are asked to suggest other researchers from within their networks who may be interested in this work.
  • Further group meeting and possible seminar at EAMHID 2019 conference (Barcelona, May 23-25 2019)

Interested in learning more about this research group? Wil je meer informatie over deze werkgroep? Please contact/neem contact op met Marielle Dekker van AW Kajak: